Barack Obama’s Signed 2012 NCAA Bracket, Rare Trading Cards Up For Auction

Goldin Auctions

Barack Obama has made a tradition out of filling out a March Madness bracket and now you can own a piece of history.

Recently, President Obama’s signed 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket was put up for auction on leading collectibles marketplace Goldin Auctions with a starting bid of $10,000.

With the increased interest in the collectibles market, the price of Obama’s 1-of-1 bracket should fetch a pretty price.

The auction featuring Obama’s bracket also includes rare rookie cards of Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Michael Jordan, Mickey Mantle, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Patrick Mahomes, and many more.

“Enthusiasm for the hobby is continuing to reach new heights. This has been an incredible year for us and the industry overall — and it’s only March!” Ken Goldin, Founder and Chairman of Goldin Auctions, said in a statement.

“We call this our premium auction because it includes some of the rarest and most desirable cards for collectors and we expect the bidding on these items will be spirited, to say the least.”

You can check out photos of the rare collectibles that will be up for auction in the gallery below.

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