Miami Curfew Extended Due To COVID-19 Spring Break Partiers

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA - CIRCA MARCH 2016: Spring break visitors gathered around a yellow lifeguard tower on South Beach


Spring Break always draws a rowdy crowd — including some people who are doing nothing more than looking to start trouble. But in the middle of a global pandemic, state and city officials are being extra strict cautious.

In Miami, everyone is getting a first-hand look at that.

Miami is a wild place to be during spring break. Add in the fact that Florida is one of the only states that are wide open during the COVID-19 pandemic and people have a near disaster on their hands.

That has led to Miami extending its 8:00 p.m. ET curfew to quell the influx of rowdy partiers.

Interim Miami City Manager Raul Aguila declared a state of emergency on Saturday, and on Sunday city officials voted to extend the curfew. If the parties continue to be too wild, officials warn the curfew could be extended into April, according to the New York Post.

So far, more than 1,000 spring breakers have been arrested, with more than half of those people being from out of state that Aguila believes are coming “to engage in lawlessness and an ‘anything goes’ party attitude.”

In addition, the rowdy crowd seems to include an uptick in adults from states that are not fully open.

So to those who are getting too wild out on the streets, chill out a little bit and don’t ruin this for everyone.

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