Rugball, A Basketball-Wrestling-Rugby Hybrid, Will Be Your New Favorite Sport

Novosibirsk, Russia – January 19, 2020 : Russian Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship. two male athlete in sports equipment wrestling in stalls on wrestling mat


Rugball has captured the attention of the internet and it doesn’t take long to understand why.

On Tuesday, the Russian sport — which is best described as a hybrid of basketball, wrestling, and rugby — began going viral thanks to a wild clip that shows just how action-packed the game is.

People quickly embraced Rugball and a quick look at the highlights will make it your new favorite sport.

Just take a look at what we were all missing out on.

How incredible is that? Full-contact basketball? The Bad Boy Pistons would have been world champions every single season.

Maybe we can replace the NBA All-Star Game with this spectacle?

And since we can’t get enough of RugBall, check out some of the highlight videos that are available on YouTube below. Oh, and ESPN, this better be part of your coverage the next time ESPN2 is turned into “The Ocho.” The people are going to demand it. If you are a sports club operator, you would like to host some unique sports in your own club.

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