Rapper Charged For Chopping Off Roommate’s Penis For YouTube Video

Madrid / Spain - 02 06 2019: Police tape wrapped around a street light to limit the perimeter of a crime scene or a suspected bomb site.


A rapper in Spain is standing trial after a bizarre incident that was set up for YouTube views.

According to the Independent, Spanish rapper Aaron Beltran is charged for reportedly chopping off his roommate’s penis with a kitchen knife for a YouTube video. The penis chopping incident was apparently a consensual arrangement with Beltran paying his roommate based on how many views the video received.

The idiot who agreed to have his penis chopped off was Andrew Breach, a British teacher.

The agreement included a payment anywhere from $240 to a max of $3,000.

“On the afternoon of March 8, just before 7:15 p.m. when both men were in the victim’s bedroom, Andrew tied his pajama cord round the bottom of his penis to avoid hemorrhaging,” the indictment read, according to The Sun. “The accused, who was sat on a chair in front of him, cut his penis with a 12-inch kitchen knife which was never found because the accused got rid of it.

“When interviewing the victim in hospital he told us the accused cut off his penis. Andrew said he did not feel 100 per cent a man and wanted to get rid of his penis. He agreed a deal with the accused to pay him €200 which would depend on how many views the video of the amputation received on You Tube. It was done on the basis of hits.”

Breach, meanwhile, says that he cut off his own penis — though that does not appear to be true.

Beltran faces over four years in prison if he is found guilty of the charges, despite the incident being a consensual arrangement.

[H/T: Complex]

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