Essay Writing about Sports and Games: Tips and Tricks



Writing essays is nobody’s cup of tea, but there are some essay topics that are more enjoyable to write about than others. When you get the opportunity to write an essay about sports or games, you will probably have a lot more fun than if you write about a more academic and less exciting topic. That said, even when writing about an interesting and compelling topic like sports and games, the same challenges and problems that face any essay writer will rear their heads. In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your essay about sports and games, both to help you have a good time writing it and for your readers to have a good time reading it.

Sports and Games Essays in Five Steps

So where should you begin?

  • Read the essay question. This should be a no-brainer, but when you start an essay, you need to begin by reading the question and making sure that you understand all of its parts. The essay question will tell you what you need to cover and set the parameters for the essay. It isn’t possible to write your essay on just any topic. You need to make sure that your paper meets all of the requirements of your assignment. To that end, you should also be sure to review the rubric. The rubric serves as a guide to the essay, explaining how you will be graded and what criteria will be used for grading. By meeting all of the criteria, you will have the ability to maximize your grade.
  • Know about the sport or game you’re discussing. Another prerequisite that should go without saying is that you should have a good working knowledge of the sport or game you are discussing. For your essay to succeed, it needs to have a strong grounding in facts, and you need to be able to understand what you are discussing in your paper. You should, at minimum, have a familiarity with your chosen sport’s rules and some of the major points related to that sport. The more background knowledge you have, the easier it will be to write about your sport. If you don’t know much about it, it might not be the sport to choose for your essay. When possible, write about the sport or game you know best, and your knowledge will show through.
  • Develop an original take on your subject. Most sports and games have had a lot written about them. Since there are so many essays about your topic already, you need to have something new and unique to say about your topic. What insight can you bring to the topic? What new perspective can you offer? When you find something new and different to say about the topic, you’ll be able to develop a stronger thesis and deliver an overall stronger essay. 
  • Make use of all your available resources. Because sports and games are so popular, it’s tempting to use primarily popular sources to discuss them. While newspapers, magazines, and the internet can be great resources of the latest developments in the field (so to speak), don’t neglect academic sources as you work to write your essay. Your college or university library will have access to a wide variety of sources of an academic nature and will give you the tools to search academic databases for peer-reviewed journal articles. This will give you stronger sources and a more solid academic footing for your paper.
  • Revise, rewrite, and proofread. You must always revise, rewrite, and proofread when you are done with your paper. You might feel like your first draft is the final one, but there is always room for improvement. When you spend a little extra time—even if it is just fifteen minutes—you will be able to make dramatic improvements to the quality of your paper that will make a major difference when your instructor goes to grade it. After all, when your paper is polished and professional, with no mechanical or syntax errors, it will give a much better impression. 

Don’t Submit Late — Delegate!

If you need additional help writing an essay about sports and games, you should consider the help of an essay writing service like SmartWritingService. When you seek academic writing help with your papers, from online professional writers, you’ll receive timely and reliable assistance that can make a legitimate difference in your writing. Professional writers have the expertise and the experience to develop the best essays for students who need more assistance than tutoring can provide or who need to put the time they usually spend on homework to better use. If you don’t delegate at least part of your essay writing assignments, you risk to burn out rather fast. Delegating helps you keep your to-do list rolling, as you realize that there is a chance to do everything on time. Being overwhelmed with tasks, you may dive into procrastination, and it has a potential to ruin more than just one essay about sports and games, but a whole month, or even a semester. 

How to Keep Essay Writing Motivation On

Sports essays can be a challenge, but with these tips and tricks and the right help, you can deliver a great paper.  You may wonder, how to keep your essay writing motivation high once you are done with one of your papers? You know this — you submit one paper, written on your own, or with the help of a writing expert, and you feel like now you need to make a pause, take a rest, etc. This pause can last for days. This way you teach your brain to work only when the deadline is close, and it is truly not the best way around. Once you are done with one essay, make it a habit to spend 20 minutes on every major writing or project task you have on your list. Then you can rest for some time. Twenty minutes is not much, you can be done with all your projects in two hours top. However, when you return to them next time, you will have some groundwork to rely on. 


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