WATCH: Woman Beats Up Intruder While Filming Dance Video

A Brazilian woman was having some fun in the comfort of her home when she was startled by an intruder.

The woman, Brazilian nurse Angela Goncalves, was filming a dance video when a man can be seen creeping into the frame. As she continues to dance, the man makes his way to her door before walking into her home and attempting to grab her.

That’s when Goncalves had a quick reaction that the intruder wasn’t expecting.

Goncalves began hitting and kicking the man as he attempted to flee the home. She chased him out of the door and through the yard as she continued to hit him.

“I get scared and act naturally as if I knew him until he reacts with the intentions of grabbing me,” she said, via the New York Post. “On that, with my docile pitbull instinct, I beat the hell out of him.

“I was with my 11-year-old daughter when he came in. I attacked him with a thousand different things in my mind about what could happen.”

A police report has been filed relating to the incident but no further information has been provided.

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