5 Small Tips to Make You A Better Gamer!


Making the most of our time spent playing games depends on a few key factors. These are often related to our attitude towards gaming itself, or how we perceive others. No matter how experienced a gamer is, there is always plenty of room for improvement.

Martim Nabeiro (more about the author) walks us through a list of valuable tips on our path to become better gamers.



Practice is Key

Every great gamer knows the importance of practising. If practice makes perfect, then there’s no better place to put this in place than through hours of challenging and fun gaming.

Esports most successful names along with professional casino players know that great results derive from a constant dedication to their passion. For those that prefer a little gambling emotion, Betway casino provides excellent information for Portuguese players on what makes a good gambler.

Whether the idea is to go pro or simply be on top of Friday night’s Xbox challenge, the only way to stand out from the rest is through attempt and error. Chances are that even playing against less able players will teach a valuable lesson.

The Right Gear

If productivity is often linked with a good armchair, a decent computer and the right peripherals, then gaming requires the same approach.

Trying to become a successful gamer in Portugal by using the most basic hardware available is the equivalent to attempting to win a Formula 1 race in Estoril with your own car. If every great gamer ensures they have a responsive gamepad, an accurate mouse and a screen that allows them to react that millisecond faster, then others need to at least even the odds.

This isn’t a suggestion aimed at leading players to believe everything they see out there and go out buying the most expensive bits they can afford. It’s, however, important to realize there is an obvious improvement and benefit when investing a little more.

The Right Challenge

Playing against others is the best and fastest way to improve as a gamer. Not only it usually results in an exercise of humility when facing far better players, but it mainly provides a priceless chance to learn.

Losing is the best and most efficient way to learn how to improve at video games. Playing is an exercise in constantly closing the gap on mistakes, and there lies one of its main appeals. That said, a little win here and there will keep the morale up before the next big defeat.

This approach is easier said than done, as not every player reacts well to defeat. Therefore, it’s important to adopt the right mindset and recognizing that every defeat is part of the path to success.

Time Out

Gaming is and should always be fun. But even those that are looking on how to get better at competitive gaming must learn the importance of knowing when to take a break.

The necessary time away from gaming allows for the chance to reorganize ideas, elaborate new approaches, and enjoy it further. Some gamers tend to get carried away by either the frustration associated with defeat or the exuberance of a series of victories.

Since the perfect gamer knows that balance is key to improvement, some time spent in other activities will ultimately translate into a fresh approach to gaming.


Online gaming


Knowing Your Depth

Self-knowledge goes a long way for those that take gaming seriously. Whether chasing the principles on how to be a pro gambler in Portugal’s growing gaming scene or reaching for the top spots on a local online tournament, a gamer has to truly know his strengths and weaknesses.

This approach to managing expectations will allow room for progressive improvement. In the same sense that great football players start at a local club, so must gamers start practising against players of the same level and move from there.

Professional players rely on this self-knowledge to explore their best hand at a card game or realizing the exact moment to retract. An overestimation of abilities will often result in defeat, even though a great gamer will always attempt to outplay his greatest adversary: himself!


Most importantly, great gamers rely on great attitude. Enjoying themselves at it and, even at the top of their game, remaining humble and supportive is what defines legendary players. Knowing how to lose is as important – if not more – than knowing how to win.


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