Barcelona Players don’t talk to each other anymore

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It is not only inside the pitch that FC Barcelona are facing difficulties this season, it seems that even inside the locker room things are as bad as their performances up until now.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, this bad moment also outside the pitch was noticed by the players of Levante, a club which Barcelona played on matchday 13. Even though Messi & Company were able to leave the field with an important victory by 1-0, one of the players of the opposite team stated that they didn’t hear Barcelona players saying one single word to one another while walking to the locker room, not even a celebration on the 3 points conquered.

That was certainly strange, not only to Levante players who saw it first handed but also to every one that ended up knowing about it afterwards. Any team who is living difficult moments in the League will certainly celebrate every single victory they get, but that’s not what has happened.

As we saw, the players from the Catalan club also didn’t speak to each other during the game itself. Just the basic stuff, about a certain play or a change in positions. Some may say that it showed their compromise with winning and all their concentration in the game, others, however, treat it as indifference. It seems that Ronald Koeman’s men just don’t care about what will be the match’s outcome anymore.

And indifference is the exact word that newspapers “Sport” used to describe the climate inside Barcelona’s locker room. In recent years the players were having good moments, laughing with each other and enjoying the game.

It is true that all of them seem to have agreed that they need to do something in order to take Barcelona out of the hole they have put themselves in and that they are not fighting against each other. However, they just look ice cold. It even changed the relationship between the young players and the experient ones.

The Reason Behind That

The most possible reason is, also according to the Spanish newspapers, that captain and star Lionel Messi has caused a lot of troubles inside the team because of his constant fights for leaving the club.

Before the beginning of the season, it was still not certain if the Argentine would continue playing for Barcelona and, being honest, he really wanted to leave and go to another club. And that probably caused a big emotional distress for other players.

Messi was supposed to be the pillar of the team, the one that helped other players to understand what it means playing for Barcelona and how important the club is. He was a role model to the young players. However, he is just sick and tired of the club’s management and can’t handle playing there anymore.

His bad relationship with the Catalan club may be one of the main reasons for this bad situation inside and outside the pitch.

How to solve it

It is not easy to solve this situation, as you are talking about Barcelona’s main star during years and also an amazing football player, a genius as many call him. However, the next transfer window can bring some solutions to the club.Through the betika app it is very convenient to both view and place bets on sports. So you can always use this app.

There are some players that don’t have space in the club anymore, like the Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho. Because of that, many people are speculating that there will be a good list of players leaving the club after January. 

However, only selling players probably won’t solve Barcelona’s problems. They will also have to search for new names. But honestly, if they search only for young and promising ones, things will probably remain the same. The club needs to find someone with experience, someone able to start changing their spirit inside the locker room.

That will maybe be their best solution, start the change inside out. It is not only important to find some players with good skills and that can help inside the pitch, but also some sort of a leader for the squad itself. Someone that the young ones will look and know that they can talk to him if they need help or any advice. Someone that will speak with the players and make them understand that they are capable of winning and playing well.

If they can’t find a player like that, maybe the best would be searching for a new manager, who can fulfill this role of helping Barcelona players to see their potential and to bring them back to their good football.



Image by Damon Nofar from Pixabay


For football fans, it is terrible seeing FC Barcelona like that. We still remember what an amazing squad they used to have in their best days and what an amazing group it was. Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Pique and Messi, they certainly were something.

We just hope that the new management of the club will find a good way to bring the good moments back to Barcelona’s locker room and, consequently, inside the pitch. And, if that means negotiating Lionel Messi, maybe it is the right thing to do.

The club is bigger than any player, even the Argentine star, and they have to think about what is better for the club and not only what they want. If Messi is not satisfied in Catalonia anymore and, specially, if his presence may be interfering in how the other players are feeling about Barcelona, then maybe it is time to let him go.

The most important thing right now is to find a way to put Barcelona back where they belong: among the biggest clubs in Europe.

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