Top 5 video games with gambling games inside

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Playing video games is one fun filled activity that you can enjoy along or with your friends. It can moreover be a great way of killing time. Several platforms are available out there that offer some of the most graphically rich and feature-filled games.

One of the most highly reported concerns with playing games is the activity’s highly addictive nature. Besides, gambling games have got everyone hooked to gaming with individuals longing for playing one. These minigames can add to the excitement of the player; the concern here is that they involve using actual money in case of insufficiency of virtual money. 

Here are the top five in-game gambling games.

Far Cry 3

One of the most graphically intensive games, Far Cry 3, is a fascinating gambling game. It belongs to the action genre; the first person, who is the one-man army, takes on sieges and sabotages of the enemy’s military camps and outposts. 

Nevertheless, it has several mini Texas hold ’emgames. These minigames add a twist in the games that eases players out. What’s more important is that the rewards earned during the minigame plays can be used for buying ammunition along with buying and upgrading guns. 

Dead Trigger

One of the most graphically satisfying games on Android and iOS, Dead Trigger is a zombie apocalypse game with a single shooter with the first-person preview. There’s nothing more fun than shooting swarming zombies who are defenseless unless they get close. The fruit machine offers a bunch of goodies like free bandages, medical kits, money for buying and upgrading weapons, and a lot more. 

The SIMS 3

This game allows you to build your own and play casino online. You can, therefore, add fruit machines and blackjack. One feature, which is highly admired by players, is that it gives you the option of downloading custom content, i.e., from the online mod groups. 

GTA: San Andreas

The GTA line of games is known for their compelling storylines and in-game options you can choose, like interaction with bots and the environment, and a lot more. The in-built casino games like wheels of fortune, fruit machines, video poker, and blackjack allow you a twist in the tale and make the game even more fun.

Witcher 3

In the hack and slash game genre of action gaming, Witcher 3 is one of the most well-known choices. You obliterate demons, ogres, gargantuan beasts, and witches with your sword. However, collecting the deck of cards is a way to progress with the game. 


Minigames are fascinating for the players of video games. They offer a twist in the tale and allow the player to win points that can be used to purchase skins and themes to upgrade the equipment. Some of these minigames are a gambling nature, i.e., cards, fruit machines, and wheels of fortune, which add the right energy to your monotonous life. We duly thank the experts from Exycasinos for helping with this article.

It’s Super Bowl time! 
It’s Super Bowl time! 
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