Fantasy Football Betting Strategies for Beginners

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There are so many strategies on fantasy football on the internet, and it’s challenging to check if any of them works. Additionally, it could be confusing for a beginner who just started dabbling in fantasy football to know the legitimate strategies he can use in the game. However, we can all agree that the first thing that a beginner should focus on is the draft.

If you fail your draft, you might as well stop playing the current league and wait for the next one. Failure in the drafts means that your team won’t work and won’t get very far in the league. Focusing on your draft and forming the team you want is essential if you want to win. However, the draft is just the first part of the battle. 

What comes next is foresight and faith. You’ll need foresight because it’s essential to have an educated guess on how the league will turn out and have the faith to believe your team would win. For beginners out there, here are some fantasy football strategies that you should learn to have a significant chance of winning the league.

Draft a Kicker

If you ask others the lists of positions that they prioritize, a kicker is most notably one of the rarest positions people think about when drafting. The select few who draft kickers tend to wait until the final round, and more often than not, they are laughed at by their peers. 

Do they draft kickers at the end because they want to avoid the mockery or because the position itself is not that important? Nobody really knows. One thing is for sure: there are only a handful of people who actually draft kickers.

But, this shouldn’t stop you, to be honest. In reality, a kicker will earn you more points than most of your second receivers. Not only that, but kickers also get hurt less for obvious reasons. However, there are leagues where people do draft kickers, and in that case, you can wait until the first kicker is taken. The next player on the board tends to have the same stats, so it’s still a safe bet.

Know When to Pick a Player

When drafting, a lot of players come into a bettor’s mind. However, out of all the available players that you want, only 16 of them will be taken in your team in a 16-round draft. That said, you can try studying player analysis and the ADP or average draft position so you can predict which round your desired player will be taken and do some countermeasures based on that information.

It’s a safe decision to pick some sleepers. Sleepers are essential since you can’t be sure to get the one you want in a specific position. This is where sleepers gain their worth. With that in mind, make sure to get sleepers that have top-five or at least top-10 performance in their position. This way, you’ll be gaining more momentum as the league continues.

Do Mock Drafts

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you during a draft is being sniped. Sniped means that your desired player is stolen by another bettor, which results in your team being incomplete. Studying the ADP of each player is essential if you don’t want that to happen. Of course, this has been a common tactic for years, but nevertheless, it’s essential. People base their picks on a player’s ADP, which makes the subject more complicated.

Even when you learn the ADP of the players you want, it’s still not set in stone that you will get that specific player. It comes with practice, which means you have to do mock drafts. Mock drafts let you practice gauging when your players get picked. Once you elevate your predictions, you can use this experience in real drafts.

A lot of people only focus their attention on the first four rounds and don’t have any idea who to pick beyond the fourth, which is a huge advantage. That said, doing a lot of mock drafts will put you years ahead of the average bettor.

Anchor your Team with an Ace QB

One of the most productive positions in terms of scoring in football is the quarterback. This position tends to have the most points every year, and so it’s always a good idea to have an ace QB in your team. 

However, one vital thing to note is that sometimes, rookies and second-year players tend to have a breakout year. Because of this, a lot of people place their faith in them, and when they bust, they don’t have a spare QB they can trust on. Pick an ace QB first, then back him up with a sleeper.


The tips mentioned above are reliable strategies that every beginner and veteran alike can use in their future leagues. They are understandable and not too risky. However, it will still come down to your preference and team analysis, so you can take this as a guide if you don’t have any idea who to pick. Just remember, always prioritize the ADP to avoid getting sniped and always secure yourself an ace QB, and you could never go wrong.

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