Freelance Platforms in South Africa

Working remotely is convenient, easy, and highly rewarding if you need additional income and experience. So, if you are tired of always looking for a job as a freelancer, we have made a list of the best sites you can use to find freelance jobs and make more money in 2020. Pick the service that works best for you, register an account, and start making money online.

#1 – Upwork

Upwork is the first and the only resource that many people associate with freelancing. It is one of the best and largest platforms with nearly 10 million registered freelancers. Their number keeps growing every day, thus, making Upwork the global freelance employment database. But the most important thing about Upwork is that almost everyone can find work here: for a long time or for a short period, with hourly pay or piecework, a beginner or a professional.

The service is available in over 180 countries around the world and is not limited to South Africa only. Here you can find job offers for web developers, designers, writers, programmers, salesmen, accountants, audio and video directors, technical support and science workers, analysts and many others. One of the unique features of the resource is the Upwork Pro function, which allows employers to cooperate only with professionals in their field.

#2 – Freelancer

This is one of the most “experienced” and popular platforms, which started operating back in 2009. Nowadays, there are 15 million registered users. The range of job offers is just huge: from writing texts to developing mobile applications. The best feature of Freelancer is the competitive format of projects. The employer provides the details and requirements for his order; freelancers post their bids, and it is the employer who picks the executor. The hourly format is used here as well.

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#3 – Forextime

If you are an expert in Forex trading, you can always share your knowledge and make a profit. The website of Forex Time is used by both novice and experienced traders who can contact each other and make profits online. In case you share your trading experience, you get a profit in the form of percentage from a successful deal.

#4 – College Recruiter

The platform is intended mainly for college and university students who are looking for a way to earn some money in parallel with their studies. But you can also find internships and seasonal work here. The range of vacancies is extensive and covers different areas: from economics and computer science to psychology and the work of medical personnel. The site hosts students from more than 7,500 educational institutions, as well as about a thousand employing companies.

#5 – Toptal

Toptal is quite different from all the other platforms on the list. Only 3% of all announced freelance candidates here are approved by administrators. This site is exclusively for the pros with a wealth of experience and solid expertise. You are to pass multiple tests and interviews to become a part of the service. Toptal’s motto is quality above all! The platform is focused on three areas: software development, design, and finance.

#6 – PeoplePerHour

The essence of the platform’s work is consistent with the name. You can set prices on PeoplePerHour in hourly format. The service allows posting projects for web design, video, audio, web development, sales, and marketing. Translations, software development, mobile applications and more are also popular. More than one million users visit this resource every day – both freelancers and employers. After submitting the first 15 applications, freelancers need to purchase a paid subscription.

#7 – Guru

The platform is used by 1.5 million people worldwide every year. More than a million transactions have been completed here with a total budget of $200 million. In addition to orders for IT services, you can find jobs in the field of design, art and multimedia, sales and marketing. Guru is similar to Upwork and Freelancer. Freelancers apply for proposed vacancies and receive payment upon completion of the project. The platform provides the contractor with the necessary tools: everything that is needed to define the task and designate the stages into which it is divided, as well as everything for communication with employers, including the exchange of files and the coordination of payment schedules.

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