Is Virtual Roulette More Popular Than Physical Roulette?

Think of any classic games you may have played over the years; you can also be sure they have successfully made the transition online. What’s more, most of these virtual games have preserved or even enhanced the entertainment value their original counterparts first brought us. Indeed, more of us are playing these classic games online these days, rather than at tables as many were originally intended.

Instead of hunting in the attic for that dusty old Monopoly box, we can simply play online with friends at gaming websites. There was even a huge outcry when Windows 10 didn’t ship with solitaire, because people are now so accustomed to playing such card games digitally. While physical casinos remain popular venues, millions of more people are playing iconic games like roulette online, than taking to a casino floor and standing around a gaming table.

Roulette – The Classic Casino Game

Did you know, roulette is actually named for a French word meaning little wheel? Well, now you do and if that ever comes up in a quiz, you can impress everyone with your quickfire answer. Anyhow, roulette has actually been around for some time, with the earliest recorded version actually being the result of a mechanical creation by a French inventor, Blaise Pascal, as he worked on creating a perpetual motion machine.

Considering the roulette wheel was a byproduct of his inventive mind, the concept became hugely popular in Parisian casinos by the 1800s, then slightly different variants evolved as the game became popular elsewhere around the world. At the core of roulette is a simple game of chance, players betting on where the ball will land on the spinning wheel, within slots numbered from 0 to 36, along with an additional double-zero in some variants.

Place Your Bets

The typical roulette table has remained pretty much the same since the earliest days. At one end of the table, there’s the spinning wheel with numbers from 0 (and 00 in some variants) to 36, along with the croupier, responsible for managing bets and spinning the wheel itself. The cloth or baize covered section is the betting area. This is where players place their chips on the numbered squares, depending on what bets they want to place.

Every kind of bet has different odds. For example, winning a straight-up bet on a single number offers a 35 to 1 payout. However, there are multiple betting options available, such as betting on a row of three horizontal numbers, which has 11 to 1 payout odds. You can even bet on an entire column of numbers at 2 to 1 payout odds, along with odd and even numbers or red and black numbers, which pay 1 to 1.

Why people play online & mobile roulette

One of the key benefits of playing online roulette is the bigger choice of game variations available. In many physical casinos, there might only have one or two roulette variants to choose from, given the space available at the venue itself. That’s not a problem at online casinos, with the American, French, and European variants available, along with roulette games which are streamed live with real croupiers.

The added benefit of playing roulette via an online casino is convenience. Along with being able to play variants of the game which suit your own preferences, you can play whenever you want and from wherever you are at the moment, whether it’s from the comfort of home or even during work breaks. Log in to your favorite casino site and play for a couple of hours, perhaps just a few minutes, whatever you prefer.

Playing Roulette Socially

One of the most enjoyable aspects to roulette in physical casinos has always been a social appeal. Nothing quite beats the buzz of being around a roulette table, experiencing the mixture of excitement and tension, as that little ball whizzes around the spinning wheel, everyone waiting to see where it lands. That’s obviously something that online gaming hasn’t been able to match in the same way, until fairly recently.

Thanks to rapid improvements in streaming technology over the last few years, online roulette players can get to experience the next best thing to being at a physical casino. Many online casinos now offer live roulette, using a real table and spinning wheel, real chips, and even a real human croupier. What’s more, the social element of the game is very much present online, as participants can interact together and with the live croupier while they play.

Physical vs Virtual

When we compare one against the other, some of us will always have our own preferences. Sure, nothing beats the thrill of gaming at a physical casino venue, given all the sights and sounds that accompany our experience. That said, there’s little to match the convenience of playing whenever we want, along with using our device of preference to play from wherever we want. There are inevitably attractions of each that appeal to some more than others.

In the end, it’s great to have the choice of both options. To anyone who has only ever played roulette at a physical casino, why not try virtual roulette games to see how they compare for yourself? Likewise, if you’ve only played roulette virtually, don’t miss the chance to visit a physical casino should the opportunity arise, and experience the unique atmosphere in person. Whatever your preference, playing roulette is about having fun and being entertained.

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