CNN New Year’s Special Will Go On Despite No Crowd in Times Square

New York City, USA, January 1, 2015, Atmospheric new year's eve celebration on famous times square intersection after midnight with countless happy people enjoying the party


Times Square in New York City will look different on New Year’s Eve this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but CNN will be doing its best to bring some sense of normalcy as we ring in the new year.

The network announced that their annual New Year’s Eve special will go on as planned with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen leading the way.

“We want it to be a New Year’s Eve without all the mishegoss. You don’t have to have all the sturm and drang. You can just stay home and watch us go through it,” Anderson Cooper said, via Variety.

Andy Cohen added, “I certainly pledge to get Anderson as drunk as I can — and which isn’t hard to do, I should add, as we have seen from previous years.”

If you’ve watched the CNN special in recent years, you’ve seen that things can get a little wild and chaotic with reporters across the country like Don Lemon getting drunk and his ear pierced in New Orleans and reporter Randi Kaye getting second-hand stoned on a bus tour in Colorado.

The network allowing its anchors and reporters to let loose and show their everyday personalities has always been appreciated by viewers and created some viral moments.

As for the ball drop in Times Square, this year’s event will be held virtually.

t will mark the first time since the event’s inception in 1907 that the annual event will be taking place without a crowd.

From the report:

Jamestown, the real-estate investment and management company that owns One Times Square, has spent the last six months planning a robust, and very 2020, alternative to the typical festivities — one that blends virtual and augmented experiences with live camera feeds. Most of all, it’s totally free to access.

To attend the virtual event, simply download the free “NYE” app, or sign in to

Users will be able to create a customized avatar to join the fun. Through the app, users will also be able to take a virtual selfie in Times Square with a superimposed 2021 New Year’s ball.

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