Thursday Night Football: How To Watch & The Matchup For Week 16

Rows of american football balls in NFL Experience in Times Square, New York


Even though this game is technically on a Friday, the Christmas special will be a part of Amazon Prime’s package for Thursday Night Football. Hopefully, by this time, Drew Brees will be fully recovered from a punctured lung and his 11 rib fractures. He has missed the last three games due to the injury, and his timeline to return is up in the air. If Brees returns, the Saints could be still in contention for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. 

As for the Vikings, the team could be in contention for making the postseason. The Vikings are currently the No. 8 seed in the NCF and are just one game back of the Cardinals. The Vikings have been hot as of late, winning four of their last five games. If this game has significance, it will make Christmas even more exciting. 

How To Watch

NFL on Amazon Prime can be watched with an add-on feature for those that have an Amazon Prime account. Starting on Thursday, October 8th, Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football became a weekly tradition. Amazon Prime allows users to replay the top plays from the games in real-time instead of waiting for the broadcast to review the footage. Also, NFL Amazon Prime offers the “X-ray functionality” feature, that offers stats specific to the plays such as running speeds, time to throw, relevant milestones, and trivia. 

One overwhelming appeal to using Amazon Prime NFL is that you can watch live Thursday Night Football games. With the subscription of an Amazon Prime account, you can access both the live feed and the X-Ray functionality option with your Android or iOS device, or a Fire Stick/Fire TV. 

The Matchup

The Saints are fighting off the rest of the NFC for the No. 1 seed and the postseason’s only bye. Despite Brees not playing, backup quarterback and well-known utility player Taysom Hill have filled in quite nicely. In two victories over the Atlanta Falcons, Hill has thrown for a combined 465 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. While the Saints have already qualified for the postseason, the Vikings are in a very different spot. 

The Vikings have hovered around .500 all season long. The Vikings need to beat the Saints and the Lions to qualify for the postseason and grab the No. 7 seed. While other teams likely need to lose a few games as well, the Vikings need to win out if they have any chance of wanting to play football in January. Running back Dalvin Cook is the football Christmas special that we all want to watch. Cook has rushed for over 100 yards six times this season, and barely missed seven times when he rushed for 96 yards against the Chicago Bears. Cook once went on a two-game stretch where he scored nine combined touchdowns. The Vikings need a Christmas miracle, and Cook is the guy that can bring it to them. 

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