Russell Wilson Says Baseball is His ‘Best Sport’ & He’s Better Than Tim Tebow

November 25, 2018 - Russell WILSON (3) plays against the Carolina Panthers at Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. The Panthers lose to the Seahawks, 30-27.


If Russell Wilson wasn’t a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, he would likely tell you that he would be a World Series-winning baseball player.

Wilson has never been shy about his confidence on the baseball field and a recent interview echoed those thoughts.

Wilson appeared on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast this week when he revealed that he actually believes his best sport is baseball. Considering his success in the NFL, that would be impressive if true.

“I always feel like baseball was actually my best sport,” Wilson said, via TMZ Sports. “Baseball was actually my love. I played that since I was young. That was probably the sport — was probably one of my best sports.”

And when asked to compare himself to a former NFL quarterback turned MLB hopeful, Tim Tebow, Wilson gives himself the upper hand.

“I’ma go with me,” Wilson said. “I’ma go with me. I can turn a mean double-play, Tim.”

In Wilson’s only at-bat for the New York Yankees, he struck out. Tebow, meanwhile, has found minimum success at the plate in the New York Mets farm system.

Who knows, maybe one day in the future we will see the two battle it out on the diamond in spring training.

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