Ohio Teacher Robbed at Knifepoint During Zoom Call With Student

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An Ohio area teacher had a terrifying incident during a virtual teaching session on Zoom with a student and his mother.

The teacher, Amanda Zupancic, who teaches special education at Kirtland Local Schools, was leading the session around Thanksgiving when an armed intruder broke into her apartment.

“There was a man walking through my baby gate with a knife in his hand walking upstairs,” Zupancic told WEWS.

“He started threatening me, yelling at me, calling me names. He grabbed me upstairs into my bedroom.”

Eventually, Zupancic was able to unleash her dogs on the intruder and chased him out of the house with a pair of scissors.

From the report:

Zupancic, whose husband and 1-year-old had left just 20 minutes earlier, said she then led the armed intruder downstairs, where she unlocked a baby gate to release her two dogs: a German shepherd and a Great Dane-boxer mix. As one of her pooches “went at him,” Zupancic took the split-second opportunity to grab a pair of scissors and chase the man to her front door, she told WEWS. “I started chasing him with his pair of scissors, in my house shoes, down the street, yelling ‘help me, help me, this guy robbed me,” the shaken teacher recalled.

The armed intruder was identified as Charles Derosett, a convicted felon who had been out of jail for only 36 days.

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