What is it About Horse Racing that Fans Adore so Much

Horse Racing


Standing as one of the most popular sports throughout human existence, horse racing has always been loved by many. Dating back to Ancient Greece, this well admired and adored sport is watched and attended by millions across the globe daily. But just what is it about horse racing that fans adore so much?


The biggest attraction to the sport has always been its strong links with gambling. Sports betting and horse racing have been involved with each other since Adam was a boy. The two go hand in hand. Sticking a free bet on the horses brings veterans to the sport day after day. But it also attracts new people to the sport when big events are on and cultural focus is placed on the sport during races such as the Grand National or the Melbourne Cup. When these events are on people from across the country wager money on the races and get introduced to the sport. It doesn’t matter what the race is, the allure of sticking a bet on the horses attracts many year after year to the sport. And as betting on the sport only becomes more easy with online options, you are bound to see a continued growth in popularity of the sport. 


This sport is fast paced and exhilarating. The daily races around the globe rarely last more than 5 minutes and are completed at great paces. So much so the pinnacle race in America, the Kentucky Derby, is coined as ‘the greatest 2 minutes in sport’. The rapid nature of the sport means all the ups and downs of this wonderful sport is crammed into such a tight time period meaning during these minutes of action it is immersive and thrilling. Unlike other sports which are competed for hours with slow paced tactical maneuvers, horse racing requires quick thinking and split second decision making and makes for fantastic entertainment because of this. The athletic horses and jockeys performing on the racetrack are bound to make sure your eyes don’t stray from the track whilst these races are on and this is without a doubt one of the main reasons that fans adore the sport so much.



Horse racing at its very core is a primal, easy to understand concept. First horse across the line wins. This means it doesn’t matter who you are or what facilities you have, you can compete, watch or be entertained by the sport. For this very reason it remains accessible to millions across the globe. On top of this, the sport has increasingly become televised and expanded in certain areas of the world as its popularity grows. Horse racing caters for everyone and the races as a day out offers thousands the chance to socialise and be entertained for a full day from America to Dubai, and Australia to France. This sports accessibility is one of its key assets and another reason as to why fans love it so much.  

Dress code

The sport has managed to retain its rich culture, heritage and tradition from its high-class past in many ways. Royals still attend many events and there are a lot of protocols and ceremonies to adhere to within the sport. But perhaps one of the more popular traditions which has stuck in the sport is the smart dress code which has to be upheld when attending horse racing. The day out requires you to get yourself down to the racetrack in all your best garms whether it be a suit and flatcap or stilettos and fascinator. This without a doubt adds an extra layer of entertainment to the day for many as people revel in the chance to get dressed up to the nines. The dress code without a doubt remains a fan favourite and another good reason why fans adore the sport so much. 

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