WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Prematurely Declares Victory & Loses

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Throughout the history of Wheel of Fortune, we have seen plenty of epic fails.

For the audience, it is absolutely hilarious. For the contestants, it’s an embarrassment that will live on the internet for ages. Unfortunately for Alex Lisenko, he is the latest contestant to fall victim to a brief mental collapse.

Lisenko was working on a puzzle and seemed well on his way to solving the puzzle.

With just four letters to go, Lisenko said he would like the puzzle and raised his hands in the air to say “I’m declaring victory!” It was great showmanship, but there was one problem: the answer to the puzzle was “Declaring Victory.”

Per the show’s rules, you can’t add any words to the answer, so Lisenko’s little slip-up cost him the win.

Here is the hilarious moment.

Was it a brutal way to go out? Absolutely.

Was it hilarious and something we will forever be grateful for? You bet.

Thank you, Alex.

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