How to Write an Amazing Coursework on the History of Football  

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Academic writing is such a nightmare, isn’t it? Your teachers think of impossible topics. You don’t have any interest in writing about them. But what if the topic is cool and it gets you excited? You’ll learn more about a thing you care about. Such as football!

If your teacher allows you to choose a topic for your paper, you can always count on football. Here are a few examples:

  • You can write about your goals in college football in a personal essay
  • If we’re talking about history coursework, the history of football will give you tons to write about
  • If you’re required to write about a hobby, you can focus on watching or playing football

Let’s see: how can you write a great paper on the history of football? The topic is exciting, but it’s also challenging because you’ll have to conduct an in-depth research. We’ll give you the tips you need. 

Tips: Write a Great Essay on the History of Football

  • Understand Your Professor’s Instructions

If you got a specific football theme, you’ve gotta ask: what kind of football are we talking about? If you’re an American studying in the UK, this will be very confusing, since your professor means soccer. In that case, you may try and choose coursework writing service in the UK. When you don’t understand a topic, collaborating with an expert writer will help you start and complete the project. 

If you’re a student from a European country attending a U.S. school, you’ll be writing about a completely different sport than the football you know. 

The type of coursework is another thing you should clarify. Are we talking about a structured essay or a research paper? If you don’t understand something about their guidelines, ask questions! 

  • Narrow Down the Topic

Writing an assignment on “the history of football” as a topic is an ambitious task. The topic is too general, and it will definitely overwhelm you. It would take an entire book (in series). 

You should always narrow down the topic before approaching it. You can focus on the history of a particular team. Maybe you can explore the rules of football and explain how they developed over the years. Coaching techniques are also an interesting topic.   

  • Find Truthful and Relevant Resources

A history essay on football should be based on facts. You won’t be making any assumptions. You will have to use dates and include events. Then, you’ll make arguments based on those facts. 

This is the number-one rule: find good and reliable resources that you’ll use for your coursework. You can write a brilliant paper when you argue a case while supporting it with historical evidence. The resources have to be relevant to your arguments. You’ll find tons of materials in newspapers and commentaries. You shouldn’t use all of it; too many references will suffocate your personal voice. 

Search through newspapers and other publications. Choose the sources that you’ll use, and make sure to reference them when you use them. For history papers, Chicago style is the usual recommendation. However, you’ll be using the citation style that your professor prefers. 

  • Read a Few Essays

Many students have trouble completing these assignments because they have no idea what they are dealing with. The professor says “write an essay on football history” and leaves things there. They don’t take the time explaining the paper’s structure, citation style, and other elements. 

You can get a good idea if you read samples online. But be careful; you mustn’t get too inspired at this stage. Use the samples to learn about the structure and tone you should use. Then, find your own voice and let the paper convey it.

  • Start on Time

Time management (or lack of it) may be the biggest issue that prevents students from completing coursework. That’s because they don’t start working on their assignments on time. They wait too long, and they are stressed about the deadline when they finally start. 

Yes; you’re busy. But try to devote 20 minutes of work per day for this coursework. You’ll complete it way before the deadline, and it won’t overwhelm you that way. 

Enjoy the Process!

Hey; you’re lucky enough to be writing about football and get graded on your knowledge about it. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the sport and get creative in your writing. Coursework isn’t that bad. Relax and follow the tips above. You’ll do just fine! 

BIO: For Vendy Adams, football is one of the most important things in the world. She spends a lot of time watching games, talking about them, and researching the history of the sport. Vendy also enjoys writing, and offers writing tips through her blog posts.                                                                                              

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