How to Join a Frat or Sorority

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Both fraternities and sororities present a chance for students to be part of a brother and sisterhood throughout college. The organization serves as a social club, which allows members to be part of something bigger.

Joining a frat or sorority isn’t an easy process. Each aspiring member goes through a series of tests to ensure they can uphold the traditions and values of the respective organization.

We have highlighted the basic steps of joining a frat or sorority below.

Be A College Student

The first requirement to join a frat or sorority at a particular college is to be a student at that college. Fraternities are specifically for male students, and sororities are for females.

Decide Which Entity You Want To Join

Each college has several fraternities and sororities, and you don’t want to pick one without doing your homework. You will likely spend four years with your newfound brothers or sisters, so you need to choose wisely.

Consider the following:

  • The charter of the frat or sorority and the traditions
  • Whether the house values match your own
  • If the organization will help groom you into a better individual by promoting leadership skills, academic help, and other opportunities

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Show Interest By Signing Up To Formally Rush

Start your research into fraternities or sororities by showing an interest. You will need to sign up through your respective college or university.

If you need help with how to sign up for a formal rush, ask any member of an existing fraternity or sorority.

Attend Rush Week

Rush Week consists of events hosted by fraternities and sororities to gain interest from recruits. You have the opportunity to meet the people that run the frat or sorority, as well as other members during this time.

You can use the opportunity to ask questions about the processes and pledges of the organization.

You will also find out about the commitment they require to determine if it is right for you.

Wait For A Bid

During and after Rush Week, fraternities and sororities hand out bids to individuals they feel are a good fit. Don’t feel obligated to accept the bid right away—you can take a day or two to review it and think about if you want to join.

Accept A Bid

Once you’ve selected the fraternity or sorority you want to join, you can accept the bid by signing it. It is where the pledge process begins, and once you go through it, you will officially be a part of the fraternity or sorority as a brother or sister.

Becoming a part of a frat or sorority is an honor for most. The process requires some time and commitment, but once you are in one that is perfect for you, it will make your days in college that much more memorable.

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