5 Tips to Get Sports Scholarship in America

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If you are a good athlete with a lot of promise in this or that sport, then no doubt you would like to use this skill for a scholarship. It’s so cool to continue doing your favorite sport and at the same time get higher education in economics, for example. However, not everyone knows what to do in order to receive this scholarship. That is why we decided to tell you a couple of secrets about what you need to do in order to get it.

Why Choose USA Sports Scholarship?

America, where university sports are very popular and prestigious, playing for a university team, you can get higher education for free or only partially pay for it, and return to your country as a world-class specialist and improve your sports skills to the level of professional sports. Varsity sports are very popular, with press and television coverage.

Excellent sports facilities, for example, basketball stadiums for 20-25 thousand spectators are always sold out. Universities have revenues from advertising at sports championships and therefore, for greater entertainment, they are interested in recruiting strong players. Of course, the level of sports in America is very high.

  1. Improve your Grades

Yes, despite the fact that the scholarship is sports, you must have good scores in other subjects in order to receive it. Academic achievement is highly valued when applying for an athletic scholarship and is as important as an athletic achievement when considering your application. So, if you have some problems or difficulties with this, we strongly recommend that you contact the college essays service, where professionals will do any homework for you and thereby help improve your grades and, as a result, academic performance.

  1. Prepare in Advance

Students need to start preparing an application for a sports scholarship 18-24 months before the competition. The main documents that the application includes:

  • CV, resume or biography describing your sporting path and achievements;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Confirmation of sporting merit – diplomas, medals;
  • Recommendations from your coaches and other mentors (school teachers, any teachers in additional subjects who know you well, employees of volunteer organizations, etc.);
  • cover-letter, cover letter, text that the coach will read before opening your application.

Find out the details of the application and the full list of documents at the college that provides the scholarship and be very careful when registering and sending it to several places – the requirements for documents can, and most likely, will be different in some points.

  1. Make Yourself Known in Sport Circles

Unless you’re a superstar, college coaches probably won’t know you exist. Even at school, teenagers should write letters to coaches, attaching a motivation letter and the results of their achievements in sports.

Another effective way to attract the attention of trainers is to shoot a video about your achievements and post it on YouTube. There is a high probability that the CD will be lost or simply gather dust in the coach’s desk, on the contrast coaches always watch videos on YouTube.

If you think that you do not have strong enough athletic performance, at least there is an opportunity for you to receive a partial scholarship in the USA. The main rule of American universities is that the best coaches don’t know about you until you make a name for yourself! And it’s also worth noting that girls and boys have almost the same chances of getting a scholarship.

  1. Read the Requirements Carefully

It is important to carefully read the requirements for candidates, assess your current situation, and choose the most suitable scholarship. Requirements such as the number of credits for the previous study period, a certain TOEFL or IELTS score, the applicant’s age, and so on, should not be ignored. There is no need to apply for an inappropriate scholarship, such as the First-Generation College Student Scholarship (scholarship for the first student in the family). After all, the requirements are not presented by chance, and the compliance of the scholarship holder with each of them must be documented.

  1. Decide on the Division Right Away

There are three divisions in total. The first and the second are large universities with a large number of students and considerable scholarship budgets. They themselves provide funds to support successful students in sports. The third is small, not very popular educational institutions, whose sports funding is small. At the same time, it is easier to get the 3-d division scholarship

Summing up

Studying at a university through a sports scholarship is quite attractive. Doing your favorite sport and getting an academic education at the same time, isn’t it ideal? However, as you can imagine, getting a sports scholarship is not easy enough and you need to prepare in advance. So, we strongly recommend that you heed our advice and you will certainly achieve success.


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