Surfer Lucie Rose Donlan Heats up the Gram

Lucie Rose Donlan is a 22 year old British fashion model, surfer and reality television personality. Donlan was cast and featured on Season 5 of the hit British reality dating show Love Island in 2019.

Since appearing on Love Island, Donlan has gained a ton of followers on Instagram. Looking through the sizzling bikini pictures on her Instagram feed, it is pretty easy to see why Donlan now has such a large following on social media.

Donlan was a professional model and surfer before she achieved fame as a contestant on Love Island. She is represented by Neon Management and has been featured in magazines such as High Tide and Wed.

Donlan has been surfing since the age of 13 and always had a passion for the outdoors and living “a healthy and happy lifestyle.” Her love for surfing shaped her career and enabled her to work as an ISA surf coach with some of the top surf schools in England. Donlan is currently one of the few females in the industry qualified as an ISA Level 2 Surf Judge having worked with Surfing England and the UK Pro Surf Tour.

Nowadays, Donlan surfs for fun, relaxation and as a way to “switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life.”

Prior to appearing on the show, Donlan dated Love Island Season 4 contestant Charlie Frederick. The British model and surfer is currently dating Season 6 Love Island contestant Luke Mabbott.

For more Lucie Rose Donlan content, check out a collection of some of her hottest photos below and join her over 1.7 million followers on Instagram who can’t wait to see her next move.

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