Ways to Manage Your Wellbeing in College


Entering further or higher education represents a big change in your life. With so many new responsibilities and so much going on both academically and personally, it’s no wonder that so many college and university students suffer from stress and anxiety. However, there is a great deal you can do to relieve the pressure and improve your state of mind. In this article, we discuss easy ways in which you can tackle stress during your studies.

Talk to Someone

A huge proportion of students struggle with mental health and one of the best ways to deal with it is to talk. If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with college work, tell a tutor. They’ll be used to providing guidance and may decide to either go easy on you or offer extra help. If you can’t seem to find balance, or you’re missing home, or your employer is piling on the pressure, tell a friend. They’ll be happy you trusted them enough to share your feelings, and may have some handy advice. You might even help them feel strong enough to admit that they’re struggling too.

Manage Your Time

Keep a clear, well-organized diary. Something as simple as this can help you to realize how much time you really have. Making lists of tasks can help too, where quantifying responsibilities can help you realize that you don’t really have that much to keep up with after all.

Choose the Healthiest Option

Cooking food from scratch can seem time consuming and even a bit boring, but it can help you to cut down on the preservatives, sugars and salts you take in. Eating badly can reduce your energy levels and make sleeping difficult, adding to stress. Of course, it’s not just your diet that might need an overhaul. If you’re stressed or feeling down, you may be tempted to ignore warning signs and just keep going in the hopes that these feelings will go away. That isn’t the answer. 

Talk to your doctor. They may recommend therapy or even medication. If you opt for these solutions, it doesn’t mean you’re weak, as it means you’ve had the presence of mind to actively seek a solution and make a positive change. One particularly handy resource for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety or depression is medical marijuana. If you live in one of the states in which it is legal, all you need to do is obtain a card giving you permission to use it. If you’re planning on getting hold of a medical marijuana card in New Rochelle, New York, for example, all you’ll need to do is go online and answer a few straightforward health-related questions. 

Get Enough Rest

This doesn’t just mean getting your eight hours every night. It means don’t force yourself to study in the library for four hours per day and don’t sign up for twelve-hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday the weekend before exams. Learn to trust your body and try not to put yourself in positions that may lead to burnout. Mark periods for rest and self-care in your diary and stick to them.

Learn to Say “No”

Friends pushing you to join them for another all-nighter? Co-worker asking you to cover their shifts three evenings in a row? Lazy fellow students trying to offload the whole group project onto you? The more you say “yes” to things like this, the more you’ll be expected to step up and do it again and again. If it’s a big ask, say no. It’s as simple as that, and it can work wonders in reducing unnecessary pressure.

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