5 Awesome Jobs for People Who Love Sports


Do you live and breathe running? Perhaps you cannot stand to miss a single college football game? Or maybe you love all sports and you’re wondering how you can make a career out of your passion? While it’s true that very few people are lucky enough to become professional sports players, referees, commentators and pundits, the good news is there is a wide variety of other occupations that will allow you to maximize your love of sport to the full. Here are just a few of them.

Recreation Worker

If you’re practical, physically fit and great with people, working at a leisure center, gym or any other sports facility is a great opportunity. Roles range from casual positions – such as that of a lifeguard or receptionist – to equipment procurement and management. Many facilities also play host to local or regional teams, so you may even find yourself working alongside the stars of the future.

Sports Therapist

Those with an interest in the human body and how the different parts affect athletic performance might consider a career as a sports therapist. The specialist knowledge required for a position of this kind means that you’re likely to receive a good salary – and, if you’re at the top of your game, you may be invited to be part of the behind the scenes team managing the health and condition of a famous athlete or team. Running your own business in this space is also a lucrative opportunity. Gaining further education in business management is essential for success if you have no prior experience. If you’re just out of college and you’re wondering how you can pay for a business course, financial support is available by applying for MBA loans. MBAs have worldwide recognition so you can take your qualification overseas with you. 

Sports Nutritionist

Physical activity goes hand in hand with healthy eating. Many lovers of sport branch out into the world of nutrition, advising and creating meal plans for both professional athletes and everyday fitness fanatics. Like sports therapists, a large number of nutritionists are self-employed. You need to be well versed in dietary science in order to pursue a career in this field, but the amount of time spent studying is definitely worth it.

Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer or gym instructor is a popular career choice for many fitness fans. There are several options open to personal trainers – for example, they may be assigned to a particular gym or leisure center, or they might do home visits. There are opportunities for personal trainers to be on the payroll of a business or to work for themselves. Personal trainers guide their clients through activities and exercises designed to help them achieve a particular goal, supporting them in developing perfect form and maintaining their drive.


If you enjoy the theory of sports, including calculating the odds of certain event outcomes, a career as a bookmaker might just be for you. You need to have a strong sense of responsibility – you’d be working in the gambling industry after all. You’d also have the opportunity to involve yourself in the statistics of a huge range of different sports and set the odds for bets.

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