Naked Florida Man Breaks Into School; Goes on 22-Hour Rampage & Causes $100,000 in Damages

Miramar Police

God bless the state of Florida. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, its residents have been providing us with the same wild, unbelievable stories that we have grown accustomed to.

The Marimar Police Department is looking for an unidentified man who broke into Miramar High School on Memorial Day to go on a 22-hour naked vandalism spree. According to the New York Post, when it was all said and done the man racked up $100,000 in damages.

Police are asking for help identifying the naked perpetrator and are offering a modest reward.

“Identify him and you will be eligible for a reward of up to $3,000,” the police department tweeted.

During the vandalism spree, the naked man broke computers, flooded sections of the school, and tagged the walls with graffiti.

Some reports suggest the man may have been a former student, but that is not confirmed. In the meantime, if you may recognize the naked vandal, police are urging you to contact 954-493-TIPS where you could then be eligible for the cash reward.

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