Edgerrin James Needs A New Backboard

Edgerrin James needs a new backboard after it shattered Thursday / via IG

Justin Tucker, a 6’8″ junior forward from the Campbellsville University (NAIA) basketball team, broke Edgerrin James backboard at a residence he calls The Property in Orlando. Edge uses The Property to host football camps, keep kids busy and entertain them instead of them getting into trouble. Now he’s going to need a new backboard.

Edge said in 2017: “It’s just a way of life for me,” he said. “It doesn’t even come across like a camp. We do it effortlessly. We’re always out there. I always have the kids with me. We just have fun and try to give them any kind of insight into what they’re about to do or what they’re trying to do going forward.”

At least Tucker’s dunk will make SportsCenter and give the kids something to get excited about at some point today when the ESPN social media people hear about the dunk.


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