Faryn Corey Now Coffee Influencing On Instagram

If this is any indication of where we’re headed on IG, it appears Fit Tea is out and coffee influencing is in now that Instagram superstar Faryn Corey is now pimping some coffee that’s allegedly “infused with superfoods.” You’ll know that Before You Speak Coffee is a legit Instagram contender if IG models start popping up pimping this stuff. Faryn is a pretty big dog to lock down, especially during a pandemic so these guys must have some serious cash to be throwing around. 

Yes, Faryn has only 163k followers, but it’s a level of quality with Faryn. Those are bot followers. Those who know about the Faryn effect are following. She posts like once a month and it’s like getting a new MJ 30 for 30 episode. People are looking. Stop in your tracks. I don’t drink coffee and I’ve never entered some IG influencer’s promotion, but if Faryn is promoting this stuff I might have to get entered so Mrs. BC can slam some of this superfood coffee. She’ll appreciate the thought.

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