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Imagine the shame Felicity Huffman felt thinking her daughter couldn’t get into a prestigious school…now her daughter actually did it

From the NY Post:

Felicity Huffman didn’t believe her oldest daughter had what it took to get into her first-choice college, so she tried to cheat on her behalf by paying $15,000 to have her SAT answers covertly corrected. Huffman served 11 days in jail for the plot.

But Sophia Macy — who had no idea about Huffman’s scheme — has triumphantly proven that she could do it all by herself.

A source told Page Six that Sophia, 19, retook her SAT — and that she’s been accepted to prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. On Sunday, the young actress posted the school’s logo and two smiley heart emojis to Instagram Stories. She also added “CMU Drama ’24” to her bio.

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