Gang Investigator Thinks He’s Spotted Jerry Jeudy ‘Gang Identifier’

Ray Ham thinks he’s identified Jerry Jeudy’s ‘gang identifier’ / via Twitter

Ray Ham, director of education at the Georgia Gang Investigators Association, thinks he’s found Broncos No. 1 draft pick Jerry Jeudy’s “gang identifier” and Ray has a certain segment of social media fired up over that necklace JEUdy was wearing for his draft bio pic. One thing led to another and conservative talker Monica Matthews jumped on board with this “gang identifier” and these two have themselves an NFL Draft talking point.

Don’t forget this whole Star of David necklace thing became a story back at the Combine, which feels like 10 years ago at this point of the quarantine. I’m not sure Monica took the time to “GOOGLE IT.”

From the NY Post over Combine weekend:

Jeudy sported the necklace Tuesday as he took the podium at the NFL Combine, with the Jewish star on full display. Jeudy got the idea after hearing how many people shorten his last name when they referred to him.

“People call me ‘Jew’ for short,” he explained. That prompted him to get the Jewish star, which he wore while playing at Alabama.

“I’m not Jewish, though,” he said.

Ray’s post is still live on Linkedin if you want to go over there and get into a battle. According to the Gangsters Disciples Wiki page, “The predominant symbol of this criminal gang is the six-pointed Star of David.” I’ll have to check back with Ray to see if this ‘JEUdy’ thing changes his mind. 

Monica is going to ride or die with this one:

Monica has issued an apology:

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