Amanda Taylor All Smiles Day After The 1st Round, Jerry Jones Yacht Bunker & New NFL Girlfriends Feeling Pressure

My reaction to the first virtual NFL draft of my lifetime

That wasn’t so bad, was it? I know Adam Schefter was frantic like 25 days ago saying how dare the NFL even consider holding a draft while there would be “carnage in the streets,” but that wasn’t much different than watching a giant Zoom meeting and getting to see what family rooms and offices look like around the country. Not only was the first NFL Zoom Draft fine, I’d argue that in my business this was an absolutely incredible 1st round. I’d take that every year. We had draft pick girlfriends making headlines — if you’ve noticed over the last few years the girlfriends have had very low profiles in the green rooms — and that’s good for the draft. We needed people in their natural environment reacting to the moment while web cams caught it all.

Other things of note: Booger didn’t really bother me. I was able to block him out while these web cams went to work showing so much footage. We also realized a typical draft is all about spectacle from the teams. Did you notice how GMs sat at their houses and made this work? Yeah, typical draft war room scenes are to stroke the egos of football guys. Now we get two more days/nights of this stuff. I can’t wait.

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