Adam Schefter Apologizes To Woke WNBA Fans For Disrespectful Tweet

Adam Schefter is angry at the NFL for planning to hold the draft while there's carnage in the streets

Adam Schefter forced to apologize to WNBA Fans / via Twitter

Poor Adam Schefter. He’s had a pretty brutal 25 days or so ever since he dropped the “carnage in the streets” hot take where he went off on the NFL for having the audacity to plan the NFL Draft while people were dying from COVID. It was March 31 when Schefter went off on the NFL and firing up the woke COVID crowd with his plea. Schefty finally came to his senses, he quit spouting the “carnage” take and then he was actually excited for the Draft last night when he let a tragic tweet fly and angered the woke WNBA crowd.

“For the first time in what feels like forever, a real live sporting event,” Schefty tweeted as the NFL Draft got rolling with Trey Wingo throwing him a softball where Adam blasted one out of the park with a report that the Bengals had told Joe Burrow Wednesday that he would be the pick. It wasn’t long before the WNBA crowd was furious that Adam forgot about their draft.

And there you have it, one of the softest moves in the history of Adam Schefter’s existence. The apology. Adam completely shamed into saying sorry for totally forgetting there was a draft that people didn’t watch. It averaged 387,000 viewers. Of course the ESPN PR/Woke WNBA world proclaimed it to be a huge success. Let me put this into perspective for you: RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE 12 on VH1 did 633,000 viewers the same night. MAMA JUNE FROM NOT TO HOT on WETV did 886,000. BEACHFRONT BRGN HUNT RENO did 400,000 on DIY Network.

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