I’m Tired Watching Golden Tate Do Hill Climbs In His Backyard

Golden Tate hill climbing in his backyard / via IG Story

Golden Tate turns 32 before the start of the NFL season which means he’s starting to get up there in NFL dog years. Then corona hits and this guy is left trying to keep food on the table without the ability to get out and get a pump in. There is literally some rookie about to enter the league looking to take Golden’s paycheck. Take his diaper money. Take his beer money.

Hell no Golden Tate’s not going to stand for that. He went out and had the massive incline hillside behind his house bush hogged to turn it into a kick-your-ass-real-fast cardio workout. I did some intense hill climbs back in the day. Once did a Tough Mudder in Tahoe after working out for like 8 days on a flat surface. Survived, but my ass was destroyed. I went back to the Ritz Carlton, tried to eat and couldn’t make that happen. I sit here and watch Tate run these gassers and want nothing to do with it. I’m good.

I’m to that stage in life where I’ll walk around the neighborhood and call it a day. Not Golden Tate. Some white slot receiver out of Kent State wants his job – BAD. Now it comes down to which guy out there wants it more and is creative enough at his house to figure out a solution to gyms being closed. Today it’s advantage Tate.

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