Nashville Woman, 25, Jumps Into Bed With ‘On & Off’ Girlfriend Uninvited, Ends Up Arrested

Kayla Ballew allegedly jumped into bed with her sometimes girlfriend uninvited / via ScoopNashville/Metro Nashville Police

Nashville Woman Kayla Ballew, 25, is in trouble for domestic assault after jumping into bed with her “on and off” girlfriend after spending the night on a couch. The girlfriend didn’t like what Kayla was up to, an argument began and cops allege it led to physical assault and they arrested Ballew.

Via ScoopNashville:

She also stated that Ballew lives at the residence “on and off” sleeping on the couch from time to time. After being on the sofa all night, Ballew climbed into Oconnor’s bed inciting an argument that resulted in Ballew being kicked out of the bed and the house. At some point, Ballew pushed Oconnor into a table in the living room, causing a glass vessel to fall and break. Oconnor also fell which caused the injury to her elbow. The report also noted that Kayla Ballew has two previous arrests for domestic violence.

The arrest report states the girlfriend didn’t wish to prosecute, but the cops still took Kayla to jail over the incident. Looks like this couple needs to get things worked out fast since it doesn’t appear corona is leaving town any time soon without a vaccine. Yep, domestic violence is up around the world. It might be time for Kayla to find a new couch to sleep on.

Here’s Kayla during better times:

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