How To Make DIY Crown Royal Mask With A Safety Pin

How to make a Crown Royal mask / via YouTube

How can you make a DIY Crown Royal mask out of empty bags you have laying around the house? You’ll obviously need a Crown Royal bag and safety pins to make it happen, but you can do it and be out at the stores with your Crown bag mask pretty fast.

Amanda Mae Gray walks you through how to cinch the bag to fit your face, where to put the safety pins to keep the integrity of the cinch and then how to take the Crown Royal bag cord and wrap it around your head and over your ear and into the safety pin. It’s that easy to make this work.

There are other elaborate methods that include a sewing machine and way more time than this if you’re bored. If you just want to get a mask together fairly fast, this is the best way to make it happen.

Watch how to make a Crown Royal bag mask:


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