Liberty University is Reopening Campus for Students and Faculty… Including Hugh Freeze

Liberty University is at it again, folks! For those that don’t know, Liberty University is an incredibly Christian college. And not in a “Christian” college like Notre Dame. I mean it is illegal to drink on campus, there is a curfew for students, you are not allowed to be in the same dorm room as the opposite sex, it is a terrifying place. The university was founded by televangelist Jerry Fallwell Sr. in 1971 and is now run by his son, Jerry Fallwell Jr. Again, for those that don’t know, the Fallwells aren’t the most likable guys. Senior was known for giving out fraudulent church bonds, bashing the gay and Muslim communities, and founding the lamest college ever. Junior carried on the legacy by also bashing the Muslim community, being sexually inappropriate with Liberty U employees, and running Liberty like a “dictatorship” by investing in his own family’s companies, pressuring faculty and students into following his insane rules, and selling MAGA gear out of the school bookstore. If you want to read more about the Fallwells and how insane Liberty University is you can find more on it all here. But my biggest concern after this decree, was head football coach, Hugh Freeze.

Coach Freeze famously was forced to resign from the same job at Ole Miss for soliciting prostitutes from his work phone and numerous academic/recruiting scandals that happened during his tenure. However, last spring, Coach Freeze went to his PR bag and pulled out a magical move. Take the job at Liberty University, the most “Christian” college in America, and really push how much of a God-fearing man he is. Then last Fall, he captured America’s hearts and souls by coaching out of a hospital bed Week One of the college football season while recovering from surgery.

This was truly one of the most bizarre and incredible things I have ever seen in my life.

However, my fear is that now Jerry Fallwell is forcing Hugh Freeze back to campus during the Coronavirus pandemic, despite Coach Freeze CLEARLY being an incredibly delicate and fragile man. At least we know that he has experience with social distancing and is very capable of coaching his team from hundreds of feet up in the air. Expect to see Coach Freeze coaching from inside a giant hamster ball next season in order to keep himself healthy. Let’s all say a prayer that he is able to stay away from any Lynchburg, Virginia escorts during these trying times!

Bless your hearts, Coach Freeze, President Fallwell, and the entire Liberty community! May God have mercy on you all!

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