Surfer Lucie Rose Donlan Gets The Day Rolling, Mike Evans Hits The Henn Dawg & Madonna Looking Rough

I was watching the 1986 NASCAR race at Richmond this morning on FS1. Great classic car logos. Simpler times. CBS Sports Network has great classic March Madness games on at some point today. That’s about it. Going to be a quiet day out there. I might break quarantine to take a drive later just to remain human. I’ve started grouting my basement floor so that will most likely occupy my time this week. Hopefully we have football in the fall so I can actually use the room by that point.

Surfer Lucie Rose Donlan gets the day rolling

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Mike Evans says he’s been hitting the Henn Dawg now that the Bucs have Tommy

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NFL vet Donald Penn is selling his house and it has a nice theater…probably have to wait until after corona to tour it

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KTLA anchor is doing this during coronapocolypse

Hannah Palmer’s corona content one more time before we find another Dump model

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Burger of the Day

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