Sean McVay & Ukrainian Fiancee Veronika Khomyn Quarantine Q&A

Sean McVay seems bored on quarantine break / via Instagram

Rams head coach Sean McVay’s fiancee, Ukrainian Veronika Khomyn, has all sorts of time on her hands now that corona has crushed offseason travel plans so she started going old school (wasn’t it 2018 when people started using the question thing on IG Story?) and answered some questions about life with Sean. Things really quieted down for Sean after a disappointing 9-7 season after the Super Bowl run of 2018, but he’s still on the radar here at BC because every now and then Veronika will post some fire IG and guys go nuts.

The big news here is that McBae lets his future wife hit him with IG filters and then put them on social. That’s definitely not something you’ll see from Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda Holliday. Bill’s not letting Linda hit him with the cute bunny rabbit filter. Or the face hearts. This must be true love from McVay because it’s only going to get more interesting after the wedding when she’s looking at half of your fortune — if you didn’t slap a prenup on the table.

These two are tying the knot in 2021 so there’s no real worry about the quarantine hurting planning. The big issue here is that they’re not going to get the normal offseason vacationing. We’re getting real close to the NFL Draft and then the minicamps. Veronika might end up with like one week in early July with Sean on an exotic Caribbean beach before training camp — if corona is controlled by then. Something tells me it won’t be.

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