Bro, That Virus Isn’t Going To Kill Me

College bro paid for Spring Break and he’s not going to die so he’s going to stay on Spring Break / via Twitter

Never forget Spring Break 2020 when you heard spring breakers say they paid for a trip and there was no way they’d give up that trip because of coronavirus. Go ahead and put it into the history books #neverforget. Spring Break shaming has hit our shores and it’s been a big week for that industry and it’s only Wednesday. A courageous reporter went to the sand to chat with those who refuse to go home and hunker down. The results are something straight out of a sketch comedy.

Reporter guy found ‘Chad’ who thinks it’s all good that he’s hanging at the beach because he’s not “at risk of dying.”

Let’s stop and think about this a minute before you murder the kid on social media. Besides a dark period in 2008-2010 that he can’t remember and likely didn’t suffer through, his life has probably been about prosperity. Let’s say Chad is 20. The last decade of his life has been about a stock market going nuts, no worries about getting a job (if it was even needed).

Stock market over Chad’s life

Now here we are trying to get Chad to understand that an invisible virus (not a terrorist wearing a towel) is trying to kill Americans at what could be an incredible rate. True, it’s not expected to kill perfectly healthy people under say 50. The problem that Chad doesn’t understand is that hospitals will likely be loaded down with old people taking up space on ventilators. Chad can’t understand that if he’s in a car accident over the next several months there could be a major issue when he goes to the hospital. Of course you know all this, but Chad’s off in his own world thinking this is a Boomer issue.

I’ll let Chad’s parents explain this to him. Hopefully they aren’t busy on their phones or yelling at random people on Facebook. We know what the parents have been doing this week while Chads were on spring break — soaking up their favorite echo chamber.

“F Corona! F Corona! F Corona!” Yeah, tell ’em!

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