Paulina Gretzky Seemed To Enjoy Her Brother’s Wedding

I’d lost track of Paulina Gretzky and what the family has been up to because she rarely updates her Instagram and then I don’t go searching deep enough to see her IG Story posts when I have 500 other Instagram models trying to get my attention with updates. That’s why I’m just now learning that Paulina and DJ were at Ty Gretzky’s wedding to Sara Cusick over the weekend enjoying some elite living at some massive reception venue that appears to be Madison Square Garden or something that size.

The one thing that surprised me about the wedding is that I’ve yet to see much from Janet and Wayne Gretzky. Not sure what that’s all about. I did see that Brett Hull made the wedding to hang with Wayne. Interested in purchasing a wedding gift for the newly married couple? Ty and Sara are registered at Neiman Marcus. I’m not sure what these two do for a living. It’s not like Ty Gretzky’s going to be out there slinging insurance 250 days a year. I have to believe he’s helping run a foundation or something like that.

Paulina Gretzky at her brother Ty’s wedding / via Instagram Story Paulina Gretzky at Ty Gretzky’s wedding – 1 Paulina Gretzky at Ty Gretzky’s wedding – 3

There’s some Janet and Wayne Gretzky content in this one:

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