Kansas Couple Allegedly Gets Meth’d Up At Airbnb, Destroy The Place & They’re Arrested

Airbnb guests (allegedly) trashed a room rental in Kansas / via Fox4KC

Let’s go to Olathe, Kansas where police arrested a couple of weirdos after they allegedly destroyed an Airbnb they were staying in with a variety of tactics including knives thrown into walls and blood stains. 29-year-old Rebecca Singh and 23-year-old Joseph Crane might’ve even dabbled a little bit with drugs while staying in the house. I’m no drug expert, that’s just what the cops are saying.

The good news from Airbnb: they’ve removed the booking guest from their system. The bad news: it sounds like one of these two could rent out your place down the road. Pretty sure both should be banned from Airbnb, but I don’t run the company so I’m a nobody.

From Fox4KC:

Chris Sayegh said he began using the popular site to make extra money, partnering with Airbnb to list a private room in his home on the site.

“I’ve had people come hungover after a party and needed a hotel,” Sayegh said. “New Years, that was crazy, but other than that, this is the first of the first.”

He says his experience renting out a portion of his house changed last week, when a couple left behind drugs, knives in the walls, blood stains around the room and trash. Sayegh estimated the damage to be upwards of $4,000.

I have really good news for the homeowner. According to Crane’s Facebook, he works at Lowe’s so you have to believe he’s handy around a house. Maybe clean some carpets, fix some drywall. Not sure how to get meth smell out of a house though. Maybe Craner can fix that as well.

Airbnb destruction

Rebecca years ago:

The happy couple:

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