George Kittle Seems to Be Getting Over the Super Bowl Loss Just Fine

George Kittle and his lovely wife Claire decided to hop on a plane to Cabo a few days after the 49ers Super Bowl loss. After his breakout season, George deserves to celebrate even though his team came up just short. And guess who came along for the ride with the Kittles?? My breakout start of the season Stephanie Toilolo and her husband, fellow 49ers TE, Levine Toilolo:

I mean Steph is just a flat out superstar…

But Claire Kittle deserves her solo shot too for sure:

49ers backup quarterback Nick Mullens and his wife Haleigh were along for the ride as well:

Here’s a nice group shot of the 49ers and their ladies:

Last thing I’ll note is, they stayed at the Cape Hotel in Cabo, which must be the new hot spot because guess who was just there only a couple weeks ago? Our old friends Holly and Vegas Dave!

So if you’re thinking about taking a Mexican vacay and want to do it like the celebs, I guess The Cape is the place to be. Best of luck to the 49ers in the upcoming season because that squad of players and wives they have there is a content goldmine. We need more and more success in the Bay!

Rachel Bush Thirst Trap City
Rachel Bush Thirst Trap City
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