Guy Who (Allegedly) Murdered A 49ers Fan In Mistaken Gang Identity Visits Court

Gangbanger killed 49ers fan after mistaking his flag for a gang flag, cops allege / via Fresno County Jail

Imagine going to jail for life, if convicted of murder, for killing a guy because you think his flag is a gang flag, but it’s a 49ers fan and the guy you killed doesn’t have any relationship with gangs. In the case of Daniel Gonzalez, he didn’t even get his money’s worth out of (allegedly) murdering Frank Rojas. Cops say Rojas was just a fan minding his business and then this happened.

From ABC-30:

Investigators say Gonzalez approached 24-year-old Frank Rojas outside his home, mistaking him for a gang member because of the colors of the 49ers flag that was hanging from the outside of his home.

Following an argument, Gonzalez opened fire and killed Rojas.

According to police, Rojas and his friends were in no way associated with gangs and were simply celebrating the Niners trip to the Super Bowl.

Look, I don’t understand the gang life. Never will. I’ll never understand the whole thing where a single color can make you ready to murder. How do you even go out to dinner? How do you go to a sports bar to catch a game? You walk in a place and anything red makes you ready to murder? Someone explain this to me, I’m all ears.

And how did Gonzalez jump to such a conclusion over Super Bowl weekend? Was he drugged out of his mind? I have questions here and would like to hear from Daniel about his reasoning, if guilty. Gotta have that disclaimer in there. And to think Daniel’s 34. Again, I’m not an expert on the gang life, but isn’t that getting up there in the gang years? Don’t you start to slow down as the testosterone slows down at 34-35?


In case any of Daniel’s fellow gang members read this, I clearly don’t have a beef with you guys. No beef! I’d just like to know about the whole color thing you guys have going on. Would red set you off in a sports bar? Of course I’ll keep you anonymous, no way I want to die over a blog.

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