Elton John Bought “A Ton” of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candles

If you don’t recall, a few weeks back Gwyneth Paltrow dropped a new candle line that was supposed to be the scent of her vagina.

Given the fact that she had a Netflix series about her company Goop dropping a few weeks after this, it was a pretty clear publicity stunt. That being said, the publicity stunt 100% worked so credit to her. The candles sold out and went super viral, but apparently the candles had no bigger fan than the legendary Sir Elton John.

Page SixAccording to Heretic perfumer Douglas Little, who along with the Goop founder created the viral votive, the 72-year-old music legend can’t get enough of the scandalous scent.

“Elton John bought a ton of them. Like a lot. Like, a lot a lot. He’s a fan,” Little told The Cut. “We have been hounded and stalked by so many people [trying to get one]. I saw the candle being sold on eBay for a ridiculous price.”

Incredible. People are having to buy these candles resale on eBay for thousands of dollars and meanwhile, Sir Elton John is lounging in his bathtub with a hundred of them lit around his bathroom just soaking in that sweet sweet vagina scent. I mean I personally need to get my hands on one. It seems incredibly soothing. Gwyneth is also just bodying all these millennial girls that think they’re hardcore for selling their dirty socks. Oh, you think you’re cracking some sort of code by selling your dirty socks on the internet and making a quick buck off of some incles in their moms’ basements? Well, I’m going to sell a candle that burns the fragrance of my vagina and get one of the most famous people on the planet to buy a truckload of them. How’s that for a business model?

S/O Pepper Potts for being an absolutes savage because this is an incredible story. Just giving no fucks whatsoever and making bank in the process. Unfortunately, I am yet to have a single buyer on my “Blakey Locks Ball Scented Candle” but I’m hoping this blog starts driving in some customers!

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