Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis Are Deep in a Twitter Beef

We have a good ole fashioned Twitter beef on our hands between two Hall of Fame NFL cornerbacks! It all started Sunday night during the NFC Championship Game when Revis Island fired this tweet off:

Revis gained the nickname Revis Island because he, like many other elite corners, traveled with the other team’s #1 receiver. That means he was in straight-up one-on-one man coverage with the other team’s top receiver every play of the game. Richard Sherman has been called out for years because he doesn’t travel with the other team’s top receiver and just stays in his zone no matter who is over there. I think it’s fair criticism that you can’t be the best corner in the league if you don’t do that but Sherman has proved his worth for years. Sherman, of course, is also not one to ignore a shot like this…

It may seem like Sherman “bodied” Revis here but I disagree. Is “enjoy the view from the couch” really a burn to a retired player? I don’t think so. Also, let’s see what Revis’ 9th year looked like:

Hmm. Seems like Darrelle was doing just fine in his 9th year. 0/2 for Sherman there. Onward…

Another tweet that the casual Twitter folk will make think Sherman dominated Revis. Well, let’s take a closer look at the facts:

Hmm… looks like it was another swing and a miss for Richard Sherman as Revis has done nearly as much as Sherman in five fewer playoff games. Looks like Revis Island has done just fine in the playoffs. And if we want to talk rings, they both have one Super Bowl victory and Revis’ one ring came against Sherman’s Seahawks team. The average Twitter Joe will probably tell you Richard Sherman won this exchange but when you look at the fact that literally everything he said was wrong… advantage Revis Island. Richard Sherman is an all-time great corner, but Darrelle Revis is the best cover corner to ever play the game in my opinion. Better luck next time, Sherm.

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