Dan Bilzerian Allegedly Bet A Huge Pile Of Money On Cowboy Cerrone

Dan Bilzerian allegedly made a massive bet on Cowboy Cerrone / via Instagram Story

Dan Bilzerian (allegedly) made a massive bet on Cowboy Cerrone to beat Conor McGregor Saturday night at UFC 246 and when I say massive, I mean multiple stacks of $10k. I’m talking rows and rows of $10k from bags of cash laid out on a table by Dan’s buddy Adam Weitsman, the owner of Upstate Shredding – Weitsman Recycling and a guy who knows a few people. Weitsman has over 1 million Instagram followers.

Anyway, the guys allegedly bet all this cash, but we don’t have a betting slip to prove exactly what happened. We’ll just have to take Bilzerian’s word for it that he put it all on Cerrone. As for Weitsman, he doesn’t say whether any of that cash was his. Maybe him and Dan split the bet so both of them can get some comp points. Idk.

It was one of those nights for the guys. They had Bella Thorne with them. Just one big content night for a trio that knows how to content. And then Cowboy got his face rearranged by McGregor in 40-seconds and everyone went back to the casino to cash tickets or win it all back at the roulette wheel.

Dan Bilzerian bet $1 million on Cowboy Cerrone to beat Conor McGregor, according to those who must’ve counted those stacks:


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