Parking Lot Fisticuffs After Chiefs Playoff Game…One Guy Gets Knocked Out

Guy arrested for knocking out a guy in the parking lot after Chiefs game / via Kansas City Police Department

Witnesses say a parking lot crash after the Chiefs beat the Texans Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium turned violent when the driver of one of the vehicles got out and tried to take a photo of the other vehicle’s license plate. That’s when, witnesses say, a big ol boy, Jonathan Brown, 42, got out of a van and went pound town on the guy trying to take the photo.

Brown says he went nuts because the guy taking the photo pushed a woman. Now we have a he said/he said and a guy who’s missing a couple teeth over the fisticuffs.

From KCTV:

That’s when witnesses say a passenger got out of the van and attacked the man who was trying to take a picture of the license plate.

“Got out of the van and threw him to the ground and just started hitting him. It seemed like it knocked him out. He was on the ground for 20-30 seconds,” the witness continued.

That man was taken to the hospital and lost two teeth from the assault. Several people tried to help him while he was down on the ground.

“The man got out back out of the van and hit him again a couple more times,” the witness recalled.

The Kansas City Star says Brown claims his son was driving the van and that the other driver got out and said “Don’t you (expletive) move.” I think we all know where this is headed. Brown’s going to get a reduced charge, he’s going to be ordered to pay for the victim’s dental work and both sides are going to be ordered to be better humans after football games. The victim will probably file a civil lawsuit on Brown and get $20k out of him. That’s my prediction of where this is headed.

Brown ended up with two booking photos. Not sure why.

Johnathan Brown arrested in parking lot after Chiefs game for knocking out another guy / via Kansas City Police
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