Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend Is Trying Too Hard

I read a post by my old friend Rob Littal from BSO and it was on Patrick Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews doing her normal gameday thing where she has to be real loud and real desperate for you to recognize that she’s Mahomes girlfriend and that you should put some respeck on it. Look, I’ve tried to stay quiet on this, but it needs to be said — Brit Brit is trying way too hard.

Maybe there’s some nervous energy that Mahomes hasn’t put a ring on it yet. All I can comment on is what I see on social and Brit Brit comes off like she’s in a constant battle against some mysterious jersey chasers that are coming for her man and she’s about to kick their asses. It was like six months ago when she was at war with people who said Patrick could do better than her.

Here’s one piece of content from Sunday out of like two dozen:

I’ve been quiet over the last couple years, but there seems to be serious overcompensation going on. We get it, you’ve been with Patrick since high school and you have no plans of going anywhere, especially when he signs that $40 million per year contract. No need to constantly scream at us.


And more content, and more, and more:

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