Texas Woman Trades Lottery Ticket For A Car, Ticket’s A Fake

Texas woman (allegedly) scammed used car dealer with fake winning lottery ticket / via KSAT

You know who never gets scammed, but deserves to get scammed? A used car dealer. And scamming is exactly what police say Margarita Escobar was able to get a 2009 Malibu off a lot in exchange for a fake $5,000 lottery ticket. Normally I feel bad for those who get ripped off. In this case, great hustle Margarita. Too bad the used car salesman couldn’t just take the L like a man and called the cops on her for tricking him.

From KSAT:

Margarita Escobar, 30, talked the owner of a car lot in the 11900 block of SE Loop 410 into the trade and drove away in a 2009 Chevy Malibu, the affidavit states. She claimed the winning Texas scratch off lottery ticket was worth $5,000.

When the car dealer tried to cash in the ticket, the Texas Lottery Commission determined it was a fraud and confiscated it. The dealer was advised to call police and make a stolen vehicle report.

Look, if you’re dumb enough to trade a car for a lottery ticket, you deserve to get ripped off. It’s that simple. Especially when the lot looks like this. You’re really going to trust a lottery ticket and give her the keys? What?

Lottery ticket scam car dealership / via Google Earth 2009 Malibu
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