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Remember when I said Matt Rhule’s agent wanted his number out there so his other clients will get PAID…I don’t know if the guy reps Josh McDaniels, but if so, Josh’s about to get $$$

From PFT:

With Panthers owner David Tepper paying Rhule $8.5 million per year (Chris Simms has heard itโ€™s a straight $9 million annually), the market may go haywire. Especially since the prior average for entry-level head coaches resided in the range of $5 million to $7 million.

This could drive up the price to be paid by the Browns for, say, Josh McDaniels. It also could create regret for coaches like Kyle Shanahan (who is committed for three more years to a deal negotiated three years ago) and Sean McVay (who signed a new contract several months ago, before Rhule blew the curve).

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