Canadian Casino Being Sued For Allowing Gambler To Gamble


Caesars Windsor

What a whirlwind of a headline! This guy lived a thousand lifetimes in just a month’s time. Is it kind of sad because he obviously has a very serious gambling problem? I guess so. But the story is a lot more fun when you focus on how patently ridiculous the sequence of events really is.

Here’s the timeline from the Windsor Star:

Distraught at having gambled away his money, Tarwinder Shokar stepped out of Casino Brantford and threw himself in front of a truck, wanting to end it all.

The suicide attempt failed but he was left with serious injuries, for which he subsequently received a sizeable insurance payout.

Almost immediately upon receipt of those funds, however, Shokar set out to try his luck again at the roulette wheel, his favoured game of chance.

Banned from several gambling establishments for past behaviour, he went to a travel agency specializing in casino tours and was directed to Caesars Windsor. In two short visits in late October 2013, lady luck still refused to shine on Shokar, and he lost it all again, this time to the tune of $342,000. Now he wants that money back.

Shokar is suing Caesars Windsor and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation — which manages and oversees the province’s casino and lottery operations — for his Windsor gambling losses, and he’s seeking $500,000 on top of that in punitive damages.

You have to respect this level of degeneracy. Our man Tarwinder was so down on his luck that he tried to end it all, but it wasn’t his time yet and even better, he cashed in on a huge insurance payout. This was Tarwinder’s chance to start fresh with a huge settlement in his bank account. But what does he do? Turn around and put that shit on red!! Legendary move. Now the ball didn’t fall in his favor, but does that stop Big Tar from chasing the flush again? No. Fucking. Way. He has no money left to gamble, so he’s going back to the one place he knows has a ton of it, the casino. Here is the position his lawyer is taking…

“Our position is he was a compulsive gambler and the casino and/or the OLG were either well aware of his past background — or should have been,” said Iain MacKinnon, a lawyer with Toronto’s Linden & Associates, which is representing Shokar.

Great position to take. I plan on shooting my bookie a text shortly telling him to refund me before I take his ass to court. I personally hope this cycle never ends. Tarwinder wins his lawsuit against the casino, puts it all on black, sues, wins again, puts it all on red, and back and forth until something gives. Best of luck my degen brother and please don’t jump in front of another bus, we would miss you too much.

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